My Valentine Girls

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My Velentine Girls story revolves around a novelist (played by Richard Gutierrez) who wants to write the perfect love story. The movie is divided into 3 episodes from which, Richard will have different leading ladies.


This episode takes the title literally and tells of a relationship between a girl and a ghost. Richard Gutierrez and Rhian Ramos will be involved in a vehicular accident which will lead to Richard's death. But he will appear to Rhian as a ghost ask her to help him get to his family.


Richard Gutierrez is a lawyer who propose to his best friend (Solenn Heussaff). But Solenn just wants then to remain friends. She then sets Richard up with Lovi Poe and the two seems to be getting on fine. Is Solenn regretting setting them up?


An apocalyptic tale with ace comedienne Eugene Domingo. Eugene tries to convince Richard that they have a mission to re-populate the Earth because they are the only humans left after a worldwide disaster that wipes out the entire human race. Will Richard give in for the sake of humankind. Eugene is convincing Richard that they should make love in order to save the human race.


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